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The Equity Printing business offers a wide variety of options to business owners. For this reason, the number of stock prints, the number of clippings, the colors to be used and the selection in security measures are the most important factors in the formation of the price. However, the main information required for the production …


Decision of the Board of Directors for the Issuance of Stocks

When issuing Registered or Bearer stock, a board resolution is a required document. The establishment information published in the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette about the company that will issue the shares is at the top of these documents. Within the decision of the board of directors; Decision number: Decision date: Subject of Decision: ….. About …


Usufruct Certificate

The concepts of “founder shares” or “founder shares” are also used for usufruct shares, and these are shown among the types of share certificates. However, usufruct shares are not share certificates. It can be issued in two ways as founder usufruct stock and ordinary usufruct stock, and their issuance is quite different from common stocks. …


Interim Certificate

Useful Information About Interim Certificate Interim Certificate is a security that is valid until the share certificate is printed by the joint stock company and is issued to replace the share certificates. Concepts such as “temporary share certificate” or “intermediate share certificate” are also used for the certificate. Interim Certificate provides all partnership and receivable …


Security Measures in Stocks

For stocks, security is a “must have” measure. The most important feature of the security measure is to prevent imitation of the work on the one hand and to deter malicious people on the other hand. If “dry signature” is used in the issuance of share certificates, the measures to be taken in this case …


The Tax Advantages of Printing Stocks

The stock has an important place in the proof of the partnership of the company. In addition to this importance, the printing of stocks provides the opportunity to benefit from the exemptions brought by tax laws to the partner who transfers his shares, especially in share transfers. The tax advantages of issuing stocks appear as …


New Obligations Are Introduced in the Printing and Transfer of Bearer Shares

On December 16, 2020, the “Draft Law on the Prevention of Financing the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction” was submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The proposal is expected to become law in the near future. There are important changes in the proposal that are closely related to joint stock company partners. When …


Security Precautions in Printing Bearer Shares

Which legislation is subject to the issuance of bearer share certificates? A bearer share certificate provides significant convenience to its owner both in proving that he is a partner of the company and in transferring his shares. In addition to these benefits, bearer stock provides significant tax advantages to its owner, especially in terms of …