Consultancy on the Tax Aspect of Share Certificate Printing

Stock Printing Consultancy

The concept of Printing Consultancy was not a well-known concept in our country until recently. When institutions and organizations think of Consultants, they think of Financial, Technical, Administrative-Work Safety, Law, Tax, Sales, Insurance, Credit Consultancy etc. was coming. However, Printing Consultancy, which we did not think of, had been known and used in the West since the early 1990s. The first step in this regard was taken by a young woman, who has been in almost every position in the Printing Industry for years and has adequate training and equipment.

Ayşe Kösebay, who saw this gap in the Printing Industry and said that the interest she encountered surprised even her, summarizes her work in two words:

“Change / Transformation”

In an article in a chat column titled “Who Wants to Consult…”, which deals with the subject of Consultancy in the Printing Sector in Germany, “The Consultant is like a Physician.

He never shares the information he receives or gives with anyone, he guides his patient, he does not go any further…”

In the joint work of the Press Consultant with company officials:

  • Minimum order,
  • Minimum stock,
  • Providing raw materials at the right price without sacrificing quality, (Correct purchase),
  • Supply of necessary equipment for efficient production and innovations,
  • In-house purchasing, review of production procedures

issues are discussed and ideas are exchanged.

While doing all this, issues such as productivity analysis, production capacities, the benefits of using qualified personnel, description and monitoring of sales and after-sales services are also discussed. While the Printing Consultant shares his suggestions, opinions and experiences with company executives on various issues from warehouse / sales, production / employee, machinery park / shipment, he never puts aside the fact that he is a consulted person, that is, a Consultant.

At this point, economists describe the Printing Consultant with the words “Intelligent but not involved” and “They are well-trained and intelligent enough not to disturb the owners and managers of the Company.” they say.

The CONSULTANT is the person who does the job of “giving advice” for money, that is, “selling intelligence”. He shares his knowledge and experience on a desired subject. It tells the unknown, not the known. He “NEVER” shares with anyone the subject of consultation, his suggestions and developments. Now, let’s see how the “mind selling” is done?

Printing Consultancy

  • the company’s status,
  • Current and potential risks and their management,
  • Solution suggestions and application forms,
  • Determines the expectations, the work to be done on the basis of the project and the process for all these,
  • Analyzes the problems
  • Suggests solutions,
  • It provides information for increasing competitiveness and resource use efficiency.
  • It also shares its views and experiences on decision mechanism, management and production plan with business owners.

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