Price List

The Equity Printing business offers a wide variety of options to business owners. For this reason, the number of stock prints, the number of clippings, the colors to be used and the selection in security measures are the most important factors in the formation of the price. However, the main information required for the production of the stock on the basis of the business can be listed as follows.

  • Number of prints
  • Number of clippings
  • Security precautions

When this information is delivered to us, the desired price offer can be given to the company representative. We, as AEK, are doing stock preparation and graphic work by complying with all relevant articles of the law numbered 6102. Then we convey the work to the company officials and we come to the production stage. Production takes 2 to 4 working days.

You can contact us or fill out the form below for the price list / information on the printing of stock certificates.

+90 216 573 22 40 – +90 216 573 22 41