Security Measures in Stocks

Security Measures in Stocks

For stocks, security is a “must have” measure. The most important feature of the security measure is to prevent imitation of the work on the one hand and to deter malicious people on the other hand.

If “dry signature” is used in the issuance of share certificates, the measures to be taken in this case are clearly stated in Article 487 of the Turkish Commercial Code.

In the case of using a wet signature, the legislator did not foresee the use of a certain security measure. If it is a precious paper in question, this paper must be protected against malicious people in some way.

How Does Security Work in Stocks?

Today, various security measures are used in stocks. But some institutions are using “next generation” measures and somehow make their stocks even safer. So what are these “next generation” security measures?

“Hidden watermark”, “special stock paper” and “hologram” come to mind when talking about new generation security measures. When the hidden watermark is applied to the stock, it is invisible to the naked eye. The watermark appears only when the stock is photocopied or scanned. This is also a deterrent for malicious people. Thus, the possibility of imitating the work is eliminated.

Private stock paper is produced in precious paper factories abroad. While producing this paper, a text, a pattern or a watermark can be placed inside the paper. Just like with paper money.

When the hologram security measure is applied, it cannot be removed from the paper. In case of photocopying, the confidential information inside is revealed.

To summarize the business briefly, the hidden watermark is a serious insurance of stocks. Thanks to these efforts against malicious people, it is possible to distinguish between the real and the fake (if fake) of the share certificate.

Thus, stocks will become more secure. You can contact us for the details of this application, which is a first in Turkey, and you can get information by e-mail or phone.

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